Atlanta Mom-Daughter Look-Alikes: Mother’s Day 2018

ATLANTA, GA — Maybe it’s nature. Maybe it’s nurture. Maybe — and this is how we’re leaning — it’s a little bit of both. But if you look around, it’s not hard to find daughters who grow to become reflections of the women who raised them.

With Mother’s Day 2018 this weekend, Patch celebrated that special bond by inviting readers in the Atlanta area to share their "mother-daughter look-alike" photos. And, as always, Patch readers didn’t disappoint.

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Here are some of the mother-daughter duos who responded to the call:

How’s this one for a tug on the old heart strings? This is what Patch reader Connie Juarez wrote to us about her photo taken with daughter Miranda Gutierrez at the Missing Our Mothers breakfast at Peachtree Towers on April 28:

After being told I would never be a mother, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter 25 years ago. The greatest gift is being a mom to my beautiful daughter, Miranda.

Yep … we can believe those two are related, all right: Easter 2018 east Atlanta … sweetest daughter a Mom could have. 43 and 63!

Mom, Susie Williams, and daughter, Savannah, checked in from Bishop, Ga., in Oconee County. "Original" and "carbon copy" indeed!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the originals and carbon copies who checked in with us! Now, it’s your turn.

Show us what traits you and your mom share Submit your lookalike photos by sending them to Be sure to include a nice message for your loved one, as well as the city/location of the photo and the date it was taken. We’ll work up another post after Sunday to share some of our favorites.

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